Our consulting firm is made up of PhDs and MBAs that deliver services through an integrated framework of Organizational Psychology. Our organizationally-focused psychologists and business professionals offer services that no one else can offer. Here is what we can do for you and your company.education3

Use high-level professional expertise to assist your leadership team in developing business strategies – our contigent of professionals have received graduate training at quality institutions acrosss the U.S., including Claremont Graduate University and the Drucker Graduate School of Management; Harvard Business School; Anderson School of Management, UCLA; Wharton School; Kellog School of Management, Northwestern; Darden School of Business; and Stanford Graduate School of Management.
Analyze scenarios for business potential – Our services provide statistical processing for the business scenarios generated by your leadership team and an analysis of those results.
Identify change leadership potential – we provide the assessments that allow you to gain in-depth knowledge of your company’s contingent of potential leaders and their abilities in change environments.
Assess implemented changes using the best of the field’s psychological tools – change strategies will be monitored and evaluated using sound psychological assessment processes available only to professional psychologists.
Initiate leadership coaching; succession planning; earned value systems; critical path management – the professional processes that we assist corporations in initiating are developed for client situations and are from our high level of professional knowledge, expertise, and experience as corporate leaders.