The professionals at Change Strategists, Inc. work in numerous ways to add value to the leadership and management processes of corporations.

Change is the one constant of large corporations. This undeniable factor requires that processes within the organization must constantly undergo scrutiny for ways in which better focus and interactions can be achieved, so that all the moving parts of the organization embrace change consistently and successfully.

Our firm’s processes assist corporations in:

Analyzing current conditions and building strategy systems for the future.
Developing change management processes that move the whole organization from familiar methods to those that are more effective.
Creating leadership processes for the new organization, including leadership succession planning.
Providing strong management and assessment processes for organizational change efforts.Our firm’s strength lies in our ability to work with agility and expertise inside corporate structures while providing fresh and innovative views that result from our extensive global experience and the formal preparation of our professionals.
Ours is an unrelenting focus on change and on the efffective ways to make this constant work for corporations.

Dr. Billie Blair, President of the firm, writes in her book, All the Moving Parts: Organizational Change Management: “All the moving parts of organizations will, more and more, involve numerous changes to current and known organizations of today. These changes will constitute the future of the organization, its members, and its customers,” p279.

Dr. Blair’s follow-on book “Value+ Employees as Valuers” continues the pertinent information needed by managers and leaders to maximize growth and return in their companies.

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