For businesses of 100 employees or more, we work with company leaders to develop the appropriate alignment of skills and motivation of the organization’s members. Our firm’s technical contributions result in solutions to ensure that all the moving parts of the organization work together to assert and maintain market advantage.

As we work with your company, we will be developing forward-thinking ways to guide your organization’s future, and we will ask that you work with us in considering good ways to measure progress. With the assistance of our professionals, these will include, but not be limited to, our own tailored Earned Value Management System (EVMS), including Critical Path Management (CPM) specifications. Processes such as these provide the means to measure and track progress toward achieving and exceeding goals and meeting budgetary demands.

Our teams of professionals also work with start-ups in the high-tech and bio-med areas. Casting the appropriate performance environments are vital to new companies and can provide the make-or-break ingredient for long-term success

Change Strategists, Inc. works with businesses on strategy/opportunity studies; organizational design/development and change processes; and personnel support/performance improvement. We also provice services in financial evaluation and management and in the development of a system of measures and controls using Earned Value Management System (EVMS) techniques and metrics developed specifically for your programs and projects. In each project, system development adheres to the needs, guidelines and constraints of an organization’s endeavors, marshalling employees for upcoming changes. Our firm’s technical expertise can provide timely, state-of-the art processes that offer rapid-returns for your company.