Change Strategists, Inc., organizational change specialists, is the corporate parent organization for the non-profit division, Leading and Learning, Inc., and for Puzzles Press, Inc., publishers of business/management texts and the firm’s monthly business e-magazine, Lead-Zine. Electronic mailings of our e-magazine to a list of over 250,000 corporate leaders and other readers allow those who hold an active interest in leadership and change management processes to receive timely updates on pressing issues of change and management for the in-the-know business community.

The firm is comprised of PhD and MBA professionals who have extensive experience and demonstrated expertise in business/corporate and government environments. Experts within the corporate organizational structure hold specialty areas in business, corporate and organizational management, provide profound examples of leadership preeminence, and offer exceptional guidance in: organizational processes of design and development; management strategies and specialties across a wide array of corporations; executive coaching and professional/ personnel leadership development for all corporate clients; model building for scenario development; strategy formulation, initiation and reformation processes; critical path management/ earned value systems; financial management; and assessment, evaluation and career laddering processes.

The organization’s professional experts possess the knowledge and experience that consistently support our unique ability to guide organizations and corporations through situations of emergent change brought on by the needs of marketplace competitiveness, growth and new directions. The focus of our technical processes is typically on the alignment of motivation and skills of organizational members. This process, developed specifically by Change Strategists, Inc. specialists in organizational strategy is described in the book, ALL THE MOVING PARTS: ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT, and the just published follow-on book VALUE+ EMPLOYEES AS VALUERS. Change effectiveness contributions to our client corporations are in the form of services that are conducted as rapid-return developmental processes. The firm’s professional teams provide performance-tailored solutions that support a process of identifying skills and engendering confidence and enthusiasm for the forward progress of our clients’ organizations. The carefully-honed proprietary processes of Change Strategists incorporate both content solutions and organizational process development with a strong emphasis on achieving dramatic results in each organization.