Walmart is the nation’s largest grocer and has determined that it needed to enter the beef industry – in a big way.

Thus, the company has gone about developing its own Black Angus supply chain – of which about 100,000 head of Black Angus are needed each year.  In so doing, they enlisted Texas rancher Bob McClaren’s Prime Pursuits as a “best in class company” to work with them (ref. Progressive Farmer).    The McClaren name and its 44 Farms genetics are considered to be some of the best in the Black Angus breed.  The seedstock operation, which dates back to 1909, is based in Cameron, Texas.  The McClarens have agreed to provide a new Prime Pursuits feeder-calf program for Walmart.  “With the Walmart program, beef produced will come from cattle that meet these criteria: no hormones added; predominantly ‘Angus Strong’ genetics; able to meet USDA’s definition of ‘Angus,’ weaned for a minimum of 45 days; have no more than 90 days between the youngest to the oldest in the group, and subject to minimal sort by a 44 Farm representative to ensure uniformity,” (ref Progressive Farmer).  McClaren calls the Walmart program a paradigm change for the beef industry.  Many of the most innovative cattle breeders have been working to actively build consumer-direct niche markets for their beef.  The Walmart Program takes that effort to a whole new level.  Best of luck to the cattle breeders.

ALL THE MOVING PARTS – having as many of the parts of an organization move together is a sure way to ensure future success.  


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