In the years between 2008 and 2016, there was an all-out political campaign to have people in the U.S. use less fossil-fuel energy.

That has resulted in appliances being manufactured that “don’t work like they used to,” (ref WSJ).  Thus the dirty little secret for years has been that dishwashers don’t clean dishes well as a result of the federal efficiency standards.  Dishwashers that once took a hour from wash to dry cycles now average two hours and 20 minutes, and even then they don’t always do the job well (ref. WSJ).  The Journal reports a recent GE survey of 11,000 dishwasher owners who indicate that having to wait for hours for dishes to be done is a major consumer annoyance.  Therefore, there seems like there might be light at the end of that tunnel – In March, 2018 the Competitive Enterprise Institute in DC began a petition drive to do something about it.  The Energy Department published the petition in the Federal Register and requested public comments.  The response was overwhelming – and positive – from consumers who are desperately tired of waiting for their dishes to dry as well as having to pre-wash their dishes by hand just to ensure that they get clean.  The consumer reaction was so great that the Energy Department wrote a draft rule to allow a new class of dishwashers featuring a cycle of an hour or less – just like old times!  And, for all the concern for the environment, there’s no apparent concern for all the double washing that’s necessary because the dishes weren’t cleaned the first time.  Everyone should know that the public comment period for the new draft rule, allowing dishwashers like they used to be (that is that actually clean dishes) remains opens until October 16 – that would be today – so, I’d say, make your voices heard.

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