A number of corporations are revamping their advertising in an effort to attract buyers of their products from among the younger generations of consumers.

Millennials as a group grew up on relatively ad-free digital content and are intent on escaping corporate advertising pitches when they can.  Thus, brands are working hard to make their marketing less promotional (ref WSJ).   Some of the ways they’ve been attempting that is to embed their products in popular shows that are streamed out to viewers as well as by creating useful apps and entertaining social media content.  A senior marketing exec at Frito-Lay has said, “There is a desire to almost reject traditional advertising,” when aiming products at those in their teens and 20s, Gen Z.  The latest effort by the Frito-Lay advertising team has been to launch a new marketing campaign for Doritos without using the logo, or even any mention of the product.  The TV ad that the group created opens with a narrator saying, “For a chip so iconic, we don’t need to name it ’cause this is an ad with no logos, no jingles, no gimmicks just those red and blue bags with the stuff you love in it.”   Okaaay.  However, the brand’s ubiquitous orange triangle will be front and center in the advertising.  And, in the TV ad, viewers will see clues, like the triangular shape and the orange powder that the chips leave on fingers.  The advertising group is going so far as to rename its website to “” as well as to remove all existing digital content that mentions the brand or shows the logo.  In this way, it is expected that the effort will encourage consumers to create and share content related to the campaign theme on social media channels.  For example, a Snapchat lens has been created that allows users to turn their faces into triangles.  Doritos has a history of experimenting with new advertising models going back to 2006 when it asked consumers to create and vote on its ads.  The advertising exec explains that “The real thrust of the campaign is in digital – we have a lot of content that’s focused where Gen Z consumes media.”  Doritos isn’t permanently removing its logo from its advertising, but is trying an approach that has, thus far, been successful with Starbucks and Mastercard (ref WSJ).

All the moving parts – advertising that works well is an integral part of making all the parts of an organization move together.

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