A TIME TO LOOK AHEAD: leaders of corporations

Our work with organizational change management primarily deals with assisting our client corporations in looking ahead, after first having looked at the results of the past and the status of the present. In every individual’s life, there comes a time when this kind of rigorous process is also needed. For leaders of corporations, it’s difficult to know where the corporation should be going if one doesn’t understand where <b>you</b> are in relationship to the past, present and future. A leader must first assess him/herself before starting the process of organizing the corporation for future goals and actions. Self assessment is much the same as corporate assessment (that is, that of developing <b><i>strategy building systems</i></b>) but must be self-directed and clearly motivated to seek the most information and inform oneself seriously and carefully where there are personal/managerial gaps that need to be filled. For each of our client CEOs who have undertaken the sell-assessment (and, yes, we have a formal leadership survey that assists in the process – the Managerial Self Assessment [MSA]), every one of these leaders have come out of the process as stronger in their leadership capacities and more candid about themselves and their roles in the companies they serve. It’s this kind of honesty and clarity that makes a leader preprepared for the future, for both himself and his company. So, let’s take January (the month known for resolution making and breaking) as the time in 2019 when we will endeavor to look seriously at ourselves, those around us, and the companies for which we are responsible. Start the process by jotting down a list of thoughts about who you are, what you are aiming for and how successful you’ve been to date. Then take Change Strategists’ MSA leadership survey and ask three of your highest-level colleagues to do the same, with the focus on you. The results of those two pieces of information: 1 – your thoughts about yourself and your future; and 2 – the results of your leadership survey will be the starting point for beginning the process of filling in your gaps – before they catch up with you and cause you to flounder when you should be flourishing.

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