July 4th

July 4th is a day of celebration in America.  It’s a wonderful day to visit with friends, and to remember how special this country is that we live in, and to celebrate that huge accomplishment in a number of ways.

The day is marred, however, in the evening for anyone who has dogs in their homes, and certainly for the dogs themselves, who are terrified by the fireworks that are ignited and exploded.  While so-called adults in the country enjoy displays that feature little cones of cardboard filled with small amounts of black power and exploded into loud displays of color and light, those of us with animals in our homes spend the evening comforting those animals – and, trust me, the experience is anything but pleasant for everyone.  It makes for a horrific ending to an otherwise nice Fourth of July tribute to our country.  So, since I’m as patriotic as anyone in America – and far more patriotic than some of those engaging in the ridiculous displays I’ve seen during the past few weeks – let me propose a solution.  Why don’t we all grow up and find a way to celebrate a show of lights, without making it a lucrative night for the Chinese and the Mexicans (the makers of the fireworks, for the most part) and a horrible night for pets and their owners.  Surely in this day and age when we can devise all sorts of creative light displays, we can, at least, start to have a Fourth of July evening celebration that is a show of lights accompanied by patriotic music – and minus the loud, thundering booms.  I’d say that we can all do without that.  We can certainly remember that the booming fireworks symbolize the skirmishes that were fought to win our country’s freedom – we don’t have to re-live it every year, just as we don’t re-live those skirmishes or those times of that century when those battles took place.  Imagine it – not live it!

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