STARBUCKS IN THE PM: coffee iced tea sbx nestle


Following up on the recent post on Starbucks (SBX) and Nestle, SBX is now looking into something that I have long wondered why they were leaving on the table (so to speak).  It’s rare that I can be at SBX during the traditional coffee hour (unless I have business meetings there during that time).

But I can sometimes find the time to drop by during the middle of the afternoon.  However, one of the detriments to that action is that there is really nothing of interest to drink – it’s coffee or iced tea – and I can have either of these in my office.  Thus, if one doesn’t want those drinks, then, typically, one wouldn’t want to go to SBX in the afternoons.  There was a time a year or so ago, when SBX initiated “fizzy” drinks – in other words, sodas.  But, regrettably, they rather quickly dropped that idea.  Apparently, that idea has come to the forefront again, as SBX realizes that they’re not getting good use of their facilities during the afternoons, early evenings.  Thus, the chain is planning on rolling out new cold coffee and tea drinks and promoting a “happy hour” with cold beverages.  Hopefully, that will mean that they’ll reintroduce their fizzy drinks – those were very nice – and unavailable anywhere else.  Definitely a reason to make a trip to SBX.

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