BRIGITTE MACRON, EMMANUAL, washington, globalist


Now that EmmanuaL & Brigitte Macron have visited and departed Washington, with Macron regularly touted in the Main Slime Media as “a globalist,” it behooves us to look at what Mr. Macron actually proclaims himself to stand for.

He is well-known for previously favoring the 20th Century economist, Joseph Schumpeter.  Professor Schumpeter initiated the theory of “creative destruction,” proclaiming that innovation sustains growth by destroying old business models.  In recent comments, however, Emmanual seems to have taken a more solitary stand apart from the traditional globalist beliefs of Germany’s Angela Merkel and China’s Xi Jinping who are staunch supporters of an international system of trade – or, globalism. Emmanual, in fact, has recently warned that destruction for destruction’s sake in business organizations is as likely as not to propel a culture embracing this thinking into a pitched battle for the survival of the fittest.  Thus, Macron, while still a supporter of globalism, wants globalists to take a more reasoned approach and to get their “shop in order” to avoid this fate.  President Trump adds to the impetus for Europe and other “free traders” to move away from a strictly Schumpeterian alignment by citing his staunch belief that globalism is a system that lavishes the spoils of free trade on “globe-trotting” urban elitists, at the expense of the working class.

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