Infested Facilities; Infected Eggs

Infested Facilities; Infected EggsInfested Facilities; Infected Eggs: Rose Acre Farms, based in Indiana with plants in a number of states, momentarily lost sight of the fact that All The Company’s Moving Parts needed to move together in order to have a successfully functioning company.

Rose Farms is a company that produces egg for public consumption and whose egg from their North Carolina plant (207 million of them) have recently been recalled when salmonella illnesses were linked to the eggs from that facility.  Twenty people have been known to have been effected by the outbreak, across nine states including New York, New Jersey, Florida, North and South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Virginia and West Virginia.   A U.S. government FDA report has identified rampant rodents and other unsanitary conditions at the Rose North Carolina plant that led to contamination of its facilities from filth and pathogens that contaminated processing equipment and eggs.  Keeping all those parts moving together  – operations, production, oversight, supply chain – and in consonance with one another is, indeed, a great challenge in every company.  Traditionally, this has required constant vigilance over company facilities, their processes and the employees conducting those processes.

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