I’ve just come across the first instance of credible journalism in the Wall Street Journal to be discovered in . . .months. The journal, like other newspapers, has all but given up on the fine art of researching a political topic well and then reporting the information in clear and unembelished verbiage. In this country, we definitely need to initiate a “fix” for the troubling problem of journalism – whether it be the print media or the television folks who like to call themselves journalists, but who encamp with one political party and refuse to report any news of the other, or refuse to report unflattering news of their candidate – in other words, who refuse to report any news and who go to the lengths of asking the party’s leaders (in this instance, the DNC) what questions they should ask of the rival party’s candidates (in this case, the RNC), and who further tarnished themselves, if that were possible, by revealing debate questions to their favored presidential political candidate. Good heavens – one just can’t make this stuff up – it’s so soap-opera-ish! One thought comes to mind, however, regarding our sincere need to build a fireunder our nation’s journalists. And, that is that my friend Jennifer Kabbany edits a site called “The College Fix” – this organization is making an strong attempt at having journalism return to what it once was – made up of credible individuals who look around them at what’s happening and report on that to readers/viewers – NOT what we have now: party hacks at CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and CBS who dress up as journalists and try to pass themselves off as people who are actually reporting the “news.” Take a look at The College Fix, and if you have any money left over from donating to your party of choice, contribute to these folks and others like them who want to make journalism great again.

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