As those of you who have read my new book, Sunday on the Hill, Molly among others of our canine friends is a master at knowing how to apply the principles of leadership that we humans, daily, try to use. For example, in our local area there are week-end flights of hot air balloons. The problem is that the so-called pilots of these balloons have taken it upon themselves to break the law on a frequent basis. In case those reading this blog have just gasped, let me explain. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) sets all flight rules for those who are taking flying machines up in the air. The “regs” (FAA Regulations) for flying hot air balloons clearly state that balloons may not operate at altitudes below 1,000′ over residential, populated areas and not below 500′ in less-populated areas. The problem is that on any given week-end we, in my residential area, are plagued with hot air balloons breaking those federal laws. In the absence of anyone from the City policing these violations, Molly’s response is to bark violently at balloons that clearly are breaking the law and are flying no higher than 150′ over our house. That’s 850′ too low! Molly is our first responder, leading the way in recognizing those who persistently break the law. We take a cue from Molly and track down the offenders ourselves. For those of you in leadership positions in your organizations (or in your families), I encourage you to follow Molly’s lead and ferret out the “lawbreakers” – whether they be breaking society’s laws or those of our country – Bark mightily and attract others to follow your lead!

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