Leadership Involvement

Assisting in the leadership changes necessary for effective organizational change management: assisting leaders' reflection and growth.


Working with all employees in understanding individual roles and gaining the skills necessary to facilitate the company's goal fulfillment.


Analyzing corporate data for years previous, generating predictions for future, engaging all staff in the company's future.


Identifying corporate flashpoint, analyzing situational exigencies, directing institution systemwide organizational change.

Sunday On The Hill

A must read for all dog lovers who also happen to be business managers.  Written especially for the busy modern professional, and written in special recognition of our wonderful and faithful friends of the canine persuasion.

How To Build A Fire

The book extols use of the strategy systems building practices for organizing and orchestrating the enervation process.

The Blair Rules

The book includes excellent coverage of the topic of change, accompanied by classic, modern-day management examples that make it easy for CEOs and other managers to recognize similar issues in their own business environments and to start the processes for identifying strategies for addressing those issues.


It takes concerted effort, executed appropriately, to make a business go well.  This book is a clear depiction of how this is done.


The book provides an indepth view of successful ways in which CEOs and other managers can invoke clear-cut strategies of organizational change management to effect turnarounds for companies stymied by the fast-moving processes of the 21st Century.


This popular book was updated for the convenience of the many readers who requested good strategy examples from the 2nd decade of the 21st Century.

The Change Strategists, Inc. mission is to provide organizational leaders with the tools, skills and solutions to purposefully effect direction, performance, and results.

Change Strategists, Inc. is comprised of organizational psychologists and corporate specialists whose expertise has assisted business leaders for over fifteen years.  Specialty Areas Include: Identifying Corporate Strategies. Mobilizing Change Efforts to Gain Business Advantage. Developing Leadership and Workforce Talent.

Our professionals assist businesses and corporations internationally and on the North American continent in processes to promote Systems Development; Organizational Change Management; Corporate Leadership; and Personal and Professional Effectiveness. We enable corporate leadership to handle change more quickly and effectively with the least impact to the corporate identity.

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