Ford is planning to build on its Mustang success to try to ensure an electric future – good luck with that.

The Mustang muscle car, introduced in the mid-1960’s, has long been one of Ford’s most successful ventures.  Thus, the company is planning on building on that prominence to introduce a 4-door all-electric SUV, called Mustang Mach-E which will also wear the galloping pony logo.  However, something that might have been missed in the design rooms at Ford is that those who bought the true Mustang did so not because of the logo but because it was a powerful muscle car and well-revered among sports drivers.  Ford is counting on the dramatic shift of preference in the U.S. for SUVs to make this effort work – but an e-SUV – ?  Hmmm.  Bill Ford, the company’s executive chairman, says, “I was actually pretty skeptical.  You don’t mess with an icon.”  I’d say that Bill Ford had that right – and, time will tell of course, but I’d also speculate that he should have been listened to – the result will likely be a lessening of the interest in the real Mustang and . . . another Edsel produced with the e-version.

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