Disney has been much in the news the past few weeks, and not just because they’ve been doing well as the box office.

Last week, the “New Disney” (my term – not theirs) launched their new streaming service, Disney +, and within 24 hours had accumulated 10 million subscribers.  That’s an impressive track record – and also constitutes throwing down the gauntlet to the other streaming contenders, particularly Netflix, which has been trying hard to attract new subscribers in the U.S.  Clearly, the subscribers were there; they were just waiting for Disney to launch.  In fact, the competition to get in and subscribe was so high that it created technical glitches at the computer servers operated by a contractor for the initial subscription run.  There were demands for subscription services as well as demands for streaming service running simultaneously and the servers were unable to keep up with the two kinds of demands, for a time.  If there’s going to be a problem, that’s definitely the best kind to have – so many requests for sign-up that the servers crash!  Disney has a “dizzying array” of programming available that reminds us of the breadth of the Disney audience and empire (ref WSJ).  There’s the “big-budget” debut as well as new releases for families to discover together (“family bonding time”) according to the Journal.  As well, there are movies and productions from the Magic Kingdom and Live-Action remakes such as “Lady and the Tramp.”  And then, there are the “curiosities from the vault,” as the Journal calls them – strolling through the Disney Studio’s past.  All-in-all, it certainly sounds like just about everyone has the opportunity to be entertained.  We’ll continue to follow – but congratulations! to Disney for it’s “first run.”

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