The WSJ recently ran with an article entitled, “To Embarrass Yourself in the Modern Age, Try Paying With Cash.” They wish! Utterly ridiculous – I pay cash regularly without the slightest hesitation on the part of the merchants to accept it.

In fact, in recent years, with all the hacking into banks and other large, so-called “secure” data bases, I’ve both diminished the number of credit cards that my family uses as well as dramatically decreased the use of same. It’s only with a reputable establishment – like, for example, Walmart – that I’ll feel secure enough with their handling of my credit accounts to use a card. This is pretty-much the same for all our friends and clients that I’ve discussed the matter with. There is more reluctance, today, to use credit because of the security concerns. And that leaves only one alternative – cash. In the Journal article, there are several examples of merchants who have started to refuse payment in cash. In my view, there’s one simple solution – refuse to do business with those merchants. With enough people taking that avenue, I’d guess that there would soon be a light dawning. Apparently, part of this kind of nonsense is due to the millennial generation who are prone to offer credit cards (or, I’d guess it’s actually debit cards for that generation – as many would be unable to generate the appropriate credentials to secure credit). At any rate, the point is that they are paying with cards and the merchants who have decided to refuse to accept cash, find that paying with cards is far more convenient for them than “going to all the bother” of accepting cash. Plus, these days, the staff that they hire are unable to do the math to make change. So, likely, that is one of the real reasons for choosing to swipe the ole card. There are a number of demographic sub-groups that must pay in cash. For one, those who have been denied cards due to poor spending habits, as well as those who do not have bank accounts. And, those, such as minors, who are too young for any of these things, but who still spend money (sometimes lots of it – primarily, their parents’ of course). It’s hard to imagine why any merchant would decide to discriminate against those groups – talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

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