There is a color theme for Autumn – orange/gold/pumpkin – and a color for December – red, principally, but with green accompanying.  But, no color for January.

As I looked down at our Christmas placemats on the breakfast table this morning – red with silver interwoven – it struck me that the reason that people tend to feel “let down” or just plain “down” in January is because there’s no color with which we can identify the month.  So, I’m on a mission to change that:  Let’s designate turquoise as January’s color and spruce things up in our offices and around the house with the perky color turquoise come January.  It should make a world of difference in the over-all well being and comfort in our lives.  Colors in our daily lives are the visual equivalent of comfort foods.  If we don’t have a color to signify where we are in the annual cycle, we revert to blue – pun intended.  So let’s take the proactive approach and choose a “go get ’em” color, instead.  As of today, I’m on the look-out for turquoise pillow shams, to replace the red ones on the day bed in the family room; turquoise throws to replace the red ones brought out for the Christmas season; and turquoise-predominant table covers.  And, of course, there will be a need to look for turquoise-dominant decorations – we can bring the VanBriggle art pottery into full display and look for other pieces to accent and supplement.  Once we’re past January, the going is easy – red is for February, although I’m told by those in the know that the “February red” is a different red than the “Christmas red” – around our house, that will go unnoticed.  And, then we slide into the Spring months where flowers abound and their colors can be seen in our indoor spaces, as well.  So, who’s with me on this – Turquoise for January, anyone?  Let’s spruce up the month!

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