Of the last 25 years, this is truly the first year in a very long time where giving thanks for our many blessings should be practiced. Looking at the economic landscape, the economy is doing the best that is has in 50 years; employment is up to record highs and unemployment is, therefore, down to levels that were unimagined just a few months ago – remember that we were told over the past several years that high unemployment was the “new norm,” manufacturing jobs were gone, 1% annual GDP growth was all that could be expected, and that we should just “get used to it.” Today, however, just 2 years after the last of those “economic” lectures, new jobs are being created so quickly that record keepers are racing to keep up and wages and salaries are on the rise – all signs that the economy is doing extremely well for a change. And, on the international scene, those countries that once were rattling their sabers threatening violence aimed at America are doing so no longer, with those who meant ill reversing their courses as a result of the skillful and quiet determination of our political leaders who chose to do a better job, in the diplomatic arena, than had been done in the past. And, more things are being done for our fellow citizens in this country. For one, there are advances into realistic re-skilling programs that will allow those who seek better opportunities to be able to achieve them. There are also serious reductions in the number of enterprise-killing regulations that we’d been saddled with. All of these things – and many more like them that have recently been enacted – are changes that assist businesses, large and small, in advancing the efforts of a vital, democratic, market-driven society. All in all, I can’t think of a single thing to be unhappy about on the national level, and, therefore, in our local communities, this Thanksgiving – so much is happening for the better and all is moving forward according to schedule, with every aspect of our society attended to, and improvements clearly visible. So, join me in being extremely thankful this Thanksgiving for the blessings that most feel have been a long time in coming.

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