−If you’re thinking about a future that might include an electric car, you’ll want to know that you won’t be listening to AM radio while you zing along traveling your 238 miles before your battery gives out.

It’s a little known secret that the batteries that power electric cars also kill the AM radio waves.  The problem is that electric-vehicle motors generate electromagnetic frequencies on the same wave-length as AM radio signals.  This creates a buzzing on your radio, precipitating signal interference.  So, say good-bye to your favorite talk shows, which typically are aired on AM frequencies.  I’d say that, in Southern California commuter traffic, that fact will be a make or break decision point for electric car purchases.  Auto makers, having been prodded to do so by past administrations, are racing head-long into an electric auto future. And, are thus searching frantically for a solution to the AM problem.  One solution that’s been proposed is for the audio of things like sports events to switch from AM to internet-only radio.  The biggest AM stations apparently hold slots on internet radio services, but smaller AM stations would likely not be able to afford the equipment needed to join in.  So a future with the electrics remains a big question.  I think we’ll make sure we keep our current cars in very good running condition – at least, their radios work!

And, on a more serious note:  A sincere thank you to all Veterans, for keeping our freedoms and our country safe.  God Bless You, and God Bless America.

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