Robotics and technology have finally caught up with the food industry, and, after reading extensive coverage of these “advances,” the question that I have is: “Are they really advances?”  I prefer farm-fresh, free-range, organic-when-possible fruits, vegetables, meats and poultry.

Contrast this to some of the new inventions: 1 – a new technology that allows people to choose their ingredients and create food – using a 3-D printer; 2 – proteins from algae rather than from meat and poultry sources – saving the animals, you see; 3 – Edible bar codes applied to food in “invisible, tasteless, safe-to-eat” ink – to allow tracing of contaminated food back to source; 4 – reducing perishability of fruit by applying a “microclimate” of an invisible, tasteless coating; and 5 – “Growing containers” that track ideal environments for plants and also allow the simulation of these in replicated environmental conditions to allow discovering new places and ways of growing food.  Of the five, only the idea of “growing containers” for experimentation of ideal growing situations and alternative climates, is one that I could endorse.  For the rest, the thought of printing my meal via 3-D printer sends shudders down my spine; and I want nothing to do with that wonderful “invisible, tasteless, safe-to-eat” ink on my fruit and other products – I definitely won’t be eating anything that has had that applied – stickers work just fine and I suggest that their use be continued.  The same goes for coating fruit in the “magic” coating to prevent spoilage – i want my fruit to spoil when it’s reached that point – not sit inside a cocoon of “invisible, tasteless” coating that I have to ingest.  And, the protein from algae idea is equally senseless – we’ve just come to realize that many forms of algae are actually harmful to both humans and animals – I certainly won’t be replacing my nice steak with a glob of algae anytime soon!

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