Smart devices

Amazon is making an attempt to control the “smart house” of the future.  The company is offering makers of electronics a small chip that would let people use their voice to control everything in their homes, from microwaves, coffee makers to the air conditioning and even such electronic devices as guitar amplifiers.

Big manufacturers are expected to incorporate the Amazon Alexa-enabled chip in ordinary  household devices.  If Amazon succeeds at their approach, it will provide the company with extraordinary power over the “assistants” that control the daily lives of Americans and others who buy those “smart” devices.  There have been a “flurry” of devices recently released by Amazon that are Alexa-powered Echo devices for the car as well as new home security systems.  Just think what it might mean when Amazon can control just about everything that you own as well as every spoken word within range of those devices.  Certainly a sobering – and scary – thought.

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