Sweets at work

Incredible as it may seem, there are bosses in the marketplace who aim to prevent their employees from enjoying sweets or drinks that contain sugar while working.

For example, CEO Munjal Shah at Health IQ published rules for his workers earlier this year:  “There is no sugar, candy bars, soda (diet or otherwise) allowed in our office.  If you bring some it will get thrown away.”  Wow – I think we’ve seen the term “dictatorship” played out in real life.  Of course, I approach the topic of sweets in the workplace with mixed emotion, because for years I was completely opposed to the steady parade of birthday cakes – each week, each month.  When you work in a large organization, there’s always someone who’s having a birthday – and when the office rule is that when your birthday rolls around you must bring a cake to work to share with co-workers . . . well – as I say, an endless parade of sweets.  But, now that I’m no longer in such environments, I have some sympathy toward those who are being told that they cannot bring sweets to work – our company rule regarding these things is nonexistent. We certainly wouldn’t tell our people that they could not bring (or indulge) in sweets.  And, on the other hand, because of my past experiences (and since I’m the boss of this enterprise), we certainly do not tell them to share a birthday cake when their special day arrives.  That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen – but, if it does, it’s the choice of the employee, not of the CEO.  It has been interesting, however, to review some of the attempts to “regulate” the workplace in order to reduce sugar consumption.  These people must have delusions of grandeur of being the Mayor of New York or Chicago, where taxes were slapped on sodas.  And, as I’ve said in previous posts, I believe that all food is good – in moderation.  That includes sweets.  Just like salt, which has now been determined to be good for one, in the not-too-distant future, current “research” about the harmfulness of sugar will be reversed.

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