For the past five years, Sketchers has produced a total return of 836% for its investors.  Hard to believe that such an unassuming purveyor of comfortable footwear could outperform Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour – 3 1/2 times Adidas; 4 1/2 times Nike; and 14 times Under Armour – brands that see themselves as very chi-chi.

I’ll take Sketchers any day – I definitely wouldn’t wear sneakers/runners/tennis shoes on a bet – I realize they’re supposed to be cool and emulate basketball players and other sports figures who sell them, but they remind me only of senior citizens who wear the design in order to assist in their walking.  I was introduced to the Sketchers footwear by a former pet sitter who needed comfortable, yet nice looking footwear in order to move around quickly (corralling active puppies can sometimes require fast responses!).  To date, I’ve purchased a variety of Sketchers in various cities where I’ve traveled as well as online – always reliable sourcing.  Sketchers’ Chief Financial Officer, John Vandermore, says, “Our core demographic isn’t the teenage fashionista.”  That’s a blessing!  The WSJ labels Sketchers “uncool” footwear – maybe for wearing while working on Wall Street, but decidedly “cool” – and comfortable – for wearing about town and out shopping.  And, let’s invite the WSJ staff to put their “cool” footwear up against “uncool” Sketchers and see which one makes investors the most money!

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