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Remember the group that wants to merge with Time-Warner and become an even-bigger enterprise – that would be AT&T – the company that has also been in the practice in recent years of discovering overpayments on retirees’ pensions, long after they have retired, and dunning them for repayment of those amounts.  How scuzzy is that?

The pension repayment requests are typically in amounts upwards of $30,000. as in the recent case of James Mizelle who has been retired for 17 years and has been asked to repay a $32,116.05 “overpayment.”  This definitely sounds like a losing case for AT&T in the courts. Whose responsibility was it to calculate retirement disbursement amounts?  It certainly wasn’t the employee that had the responsibility for that – apparently AT&T trusted Fidelity Investments with that role.  Thus, I would assume that the courts will rule that responsibility for the calculations – erroneous or not – should rest where it originated – with AT&T.

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  1. That is “Scuzzy”, Wouldn’t Fidelity Investments be on the hook for the miscalculation. It only rounds to about $150 per month, so it is not like James would even have a reason to question the amount. In my opinion AT&T should focus on their poor Cellular service and get off the backs of the retired people that helped them build their business. Good for James!

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