uber rides

As far as I know, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Uber and their rides – although, in the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that I’ve never taken an Uber ride, since I tend to eschew any service that requires an app on my cellphone that is attached to free access to my credit card – all online for the world to hack.

But, on the whole, I’ve heard very little that’s been reported against Uber that would convince me they were less than an effective and conscientious company (some problems with the former CEO from time-to-time, but – heh – that’s why he’s the former CEO).  The problem, however, tends to be that the millennials who are addicted to app services such as Uber uses, where the ride is hailed via the cellphone app, the driver’s name is given to the customer, and a charge is automatically applied to the credit card, leaves the customer without any responsibility for paying when the ride has been completed and the destination reached.  That’s all well and good – the problem arises, not with Uber,  per se, but with the payment practice when an Uber aficionado hails a taxi instead of Uber.  And . . . payment is due when the ride has concluded.  Many of those Uber riders have found themselves trying to leave the taxi (sometimes with the taxi driver grabbing hold of a foot!) without paying.  Not intentionally – just out of the habit of being a frequent Uber rider.  Sooo – I guess the message to those people who experience these kind of problems is: Be aware that there are many kinds of experiences other than the ones that you’re habituated to – and learn to be flexible and concentrated enough to remind yourself what the situation requires and react appropriately.  That is, that seems to be a necessity unless you want to try to enter your hotel with a taxi driver attached to your foot!  Funny visual, wouldn’t you say?!

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