AND SO IT BEGINS . . .Les Moonves against Shari Redstone

Regular readers of Change Strategists’ posts will recall that in a June 2, 2018 posting I talked about the lawsuit filed by CBS CEO Les Moonves against Shari Redstone and her entertainment company, National Amusements, that owns CBS and Viacom, in an attempt to divest CBS from the Redstones and their conglomerate.

My comment at that time was that one of the obvious ways for the Redstones to solve this problem without benefit of continuing the litigation would be to “edge Moonves out of his position and replace him with someone less invested in the holding of his position at CBS” – I explained at that time that Moonves was highly vested in his position at CBS, having risen through the ranks there and finally ascended to the position of CEO in 2016 (replacing Summer Redstone in that position), and that the reason why Moonves was troubled about the full amalgamation of the Redstone companies (Shari Redstone wants CBS re-merged withViacom) was that he could likely see the handwriting on the wall about his continued viability at CBS, should the merger take place.  In other words, in plain English – Moonves was likely to be dismissed once the full amalgamation was completed.  Thus, it comes as no surprise to read a WSJ alert today that a Ronan Farrow expose reports that Moonves has been accused of unwanted sexual harassment, stemming from his actions of twenty years ago.  In July, I chronicled the fortitude and temerity of Shari Redstone in an All the Moving Parts post.  Certainly, if Moonves wasn’t smart enough to understand the full measure of his political and legal opponent, then he’s likely to be considered as deserving of what he gets.

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