IT’S WHAT ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGISTS DO: IBM’s head of global initiatives is an organizational psychologist and hits all the right notes in implementing change in global environments.  In other words, making ALL THOSE MOVING PARTS work together.  Bridget van Kralingen, in her position at global initiatives, has developed a range of global and blockchain industries at IBM, as well as cloud-based platforms that incorporate AI and other technologies.

The platforms are designed to meet the needs of specific industries such as finance and insurance.  Van Kralingen has built the blockchain business, from scratch, and emphasizes the ledger technology’s decentralized way of executing and tracking transactions to create industry networks for a wide range of tasks, from authenticating diamonds to digitizing global supply chains.  While she’s been at work leading this start-up for IBM, she’s worked to dispel fear of failure for her staff, saying, “People have to feel it’s OK to make mistakes and learn from them because that’s how we actually move forward.”  So very true – but sometimes a hard sell to the corporate sector.  She describes her work in enterprise blockchain as one created when they realized there was a need but had to work quickly with their clients to discover the real need for a combined effort incorporating supply chains, payments, and the provenance of goods.  And, when they were able to develop the process expeditiously, she has worked to create a trust space for their clients to work together on a blockchain network.  Van Kralingen identifies her early work in psychology as allowing her to identify the fact that, “it was the leaders who were most curious and most open to change and learning themselves who were the most successful in a very changing, unstable world. . .I also saw that it was the leaders who loved their companies, their work, their teams who were able to do things that other leaders couldn’t.”  Absolutely true.  Our best regards to Ms. van Kralingen.

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