Apologies for delay in posting of the second edition of the Items of Interest for this past week.  Here are the additional items that attracted my attention:

1 – If you were waiting for a phone with a folding screen, just like old times, Samsung is preparing one.  It’s internal code name is “Winner” and it’s rumored to have a screen that measures 7 inches and can be folded in half like a wallet, with a display bar on one side and a camera on the other when folded.  Definitely sounds like a winner, although not quite as portable as the flip phones of yesteryear.

2 – Netflix is trying its comedy on radio these days – planning on streaming its content through Sirius XM, which is expected to give it a new outlet for its growing selection of comedy offerings.

3 – If you were wishing for the days of the Concorde, they might be coming back – investors, plane makers, and equipment manufacturers are pushing hard to bring back the days of superfast air travel.  The big question is: will regulators go along?  Commercial backers of the effort include Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and a Colorado startup, Boom Technology.

4 – Saudi Arabia’s women have begun their adventures into the driving arena, as I’m sure you have heard.  The more interesting news is that they’re going for “muscle cars.”  A recent article in WSJ shows a photo of 64-year old Sahar Nasief with her new, yellow Mustang convertible.  Congratulations! to the women of Saudi for the advancement.

5 – Potbelly has a new CEO, Alan Johnson, who is intent upon remaking the struggling sandwich chain by creating truly unique sandwiches and whittling a menu that had grown too complicated, with 115 items and 66 different prices.  All sounds like a plan along the way of having ALL THOSE MOVING PARTS move together!

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