main stream MEDIA

A current member of the main stream media (a group that I’m always inclined to call “main slime media” because of their strong tendency to slime everyone with whom they disagree and dislike).

For a group that has consistently displayed such high levels of malicious vitriol during the past two years, it’s disturbing for a psychologist to watch.  And, yes, I’ve certainly seen my share of unhinged patients during the course of my career, particularly when I was a clinical psychologist practitioner – but to witness the same thing that I’ve seen in limited numbers of private sessions, now, on a large, national scale that involves almost every journalist of all the major news outlets – from TV news to print media – is deeply concerning.  For one thing, these people must be going through an agonizing existence, on a daily basis.  How they are able to display and obviate “mentally unhealthy’ behaviors day after day is a mystery – I, frankly, have never seen anything similar.  The only thing that comes to mind to compare it to – and, this phenomenon I certainly didn’t witness, but from hearing numerous accounts – is Hitler’s SS squads. They, too, from all accounts could muster serious levels of hate against certain people, on a daily basis.  They affiliated with each other, daily, and fed on the “camaraderie” of the “cause” – that is, the destruction of a race of people.  It seems that we’re seeing a replay of a similar circumstance – the “media elite” certainly stick together in their affiliative sharing of hate for a certain group of people – and they even share the same “talking points” on a daily basis – in other words, they say and/or print the same hate-filled comments that have undoubtedly been the product of “collaboration.”   And, supporters of the “cause” like Peter Strotz, for example, has stated that he could “smell” the putridness of Trump supporters at WalMarts in Virginia (one might wonder why someone, as elitist as Strotz, would stoop to visiting a WalMart – but . . . ).  I believe that the Germans during Hitler’s time expressed similar views about the Jewish community.  And, then, we turn to the issues of this group of media who have proclaimed themselves “special” and apart – that is, special enough to hate a certain group and apart from all others yet solidly together in order to try to destroy certain individuals – And, as a result, one looks with a great deal of concern to the damage that these people must be doing to themselves – the constant daily combat on their physical and mental well-being.  It’s a very sad state – we’re witnessing a meltdown of a group of people in real time – sort of the ultimate of reality theater.  It must be an awful existence.  But it’s probably keeping a large number of my colleagues in regular business.  The question is: can any significant behavioral change be gained?

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