Contrary to what Mark Zuckerberg said when he testified to Congress in April of this year, that the company restricted users’ personal information from outsiders in 2015, the truth now comes out.  

That was a bald-faced lie.  Instead, here’s what actually happened:  Facebook shared information of users’ friends, such as name, gender, birth date, current city or hometown (how do you spell identity theft) photos and page likes, with 61 (sixty-oneapp developers nearly six months after it said it stopped access in 2015.  How is it that we TRUST companies like this?  Why would ANYONE be a Facebook user?  Who is so desperate to garner attention that they would give up their personal information and that of their friends to those who could well mean to do them harm?  The desperateness for attention and accolades is a serious problem in our society.  Are there that many lonely people in this country?  I know of an acquaintance who says that she “talks to” and “friends” people all over the world via Facebook.  Why on earth would she do this – why wouldn’t she want to make friends with those who are proximate to her, instead?  She’s always railing against the “people on Facebook who are so radical and put forth outrageous and untrue political beliefs.”  So why does she put up with it?  I certainly wouldn’t – not even for a nanosecond!  Good grief, folks – let’s see if we can get a grip on our lives and put some actual meaning into them!  And, at the same time, STOP using corrupt contrivances like Facebook!

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