Most of us in the U.S. think that other countries pay very little attention to our internal politics.  But, nothing could be further from the actual truth.

As evidence of just how closely our current adversaries follow what goes on in the U.S. is the fact that the Chinese have begun to levy tariffs only on states that voted for Trump.  As strange as that may sound, what the Chinese are doing currently is levying tariffs on the corn of Iowa, the cotton and sorghum of Texas, and so on – just name the states that went for Trump in 2016 and you’ll have the list of where the Chinese are focusing their tariffs. States that voted for Clinton are being absolved of having tariffs levied against them.  Rather chilling, isn’t it.  And the DIMs are “worried” (supposedly – actually only a ruse) about Russia interfering in our elections – Sounds like we have a REAL case of it here!  When are the DIMs going to start a special counsel investigation of the Chinese who are clearly trying to interfere in, and alter the course of, our 2018/2020 elections?  Or, even more to the point – when are the Republicans going to initiate a special counsel investigation – of . . .anything?  So much to investigate – so little time!

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