ABOUT THOSE PLANTS, plant sitters


The WSJ ran a recent article about people and their house plants, citing instances of people hiring “plant sitters” to give tender, loving care to plants while the owners are away.

Apparently, people are quite taken with their plants – one man had 180 plants in his home and 100 more in his artist’s studio (one can hope that his paintings feature plants!).  Thus, his serious need for finding an adequate plant sitter while he travels.  Another woman does bath times for her plants, putting them in the bathtub and giving them a shower to ensure adequate watering; and another confesses that she sleeps with plants next to her bed, so they’re the first things she sees on awakening.  She also describes them as “like pets but without the commitment.”  Not so sure about the last part – sounds like anyone who would hire a plant sitter has to be pretty committed to his plants.  One woman goes plant shopping every two months, has about 50 in her apartment, and, since she does’t have outdoor space, enjoys the environment that the plants create.  A Brooklyn man says he feels that certain plants serve as a representation of his personality and admits that he has developed an obsession about his plants, buying ever-increasing numbers. Several people mentioned that they felt a sense of accomplishment from being able to care for their plants and maintain plant life.  Apparently, the jury is still out as to whether plants can “return the love” that their owners bestow upon them.  I’d welcome your comments on the topic – it’s Saturday, after all – time to kick back and enjoy.

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