Companies these days are looking for ways to retain the employees that they’ve worked hard to recruit.  Walmart is no exception and has selected support for online college tuition as one of those ways to attract and keep employees in a tight labor market.  The company has offered to pay for the tuition and fees for online degrees in supply chain management and business, with other degrees likely to follow in future.

The three universities selected for work with Walmart employees are: University of Florida, Brandman University, and Bellevue University.  The company has also been raising wages and benefits in recent years, with a starting hourly wage now standing at $11., which of course prompted Target and Costco to raise their minimums, as well.  But, oddly enough, few big retail chains offer a similar education perk to employees, although some of the food chains do, including McDonald’s and Starbucks.  It’s interesting that increasing the education of employees isn’t thus far seen as something attractive for large companies to offer.  Ah, well – it’s the ALL THE MOVING PARTS idea – a better-educated workforce can be expected to be more capable of effectively serving the company’s customers.  ALL THE MOVING PARTS – where all parts of an organization – employees as well as leadership – move together in support of the organization’s goals and efforts.  Walmart, to date, has been masterful at grasping this all-important concept.

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