INTEL INTERESTS, Andy Grove, Apple and Google making more chips inhouse

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When I wrote ALL THE MOVING PARTS: ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT, I included a section about Intel in which I quoted Andy Grove (whom I knew) describing his management style and the way in which he pulled the company from the jaws of certain demise (my words, not his) – but his are: “We had lost our bearing; we were wandering in the valley of death.”

Andy Grove was an inspired leader and the CEO who managed the change strategies that combatted the effects of: 1) – Intel’s prior marketing campaign (“Intel Inside”) which resulted in customers deciding to blame Intel for all flaws that occurred in the microprocessors; and 2) – the sheer size of the expanded – and inflated – company.  Andy Grove set about to make his company whole once again – and to have all the moving parts work together.  Thus, is it a great shame that a more recent CEO has failed the company so badly.  Intel is, once again, at an Andy Grove point in its history, where it needs to reassess the present and look closely at a strategic future.  Even though the company is expected to see its best sales growth since 2011 this year, there are still pressing problems to be resolved, such as the company’s future in the chip making business, and the threat of large customers such as Apple and Google making more chips in-house.  Thus, this was not an opportune time for a CEO to engage in personal passions that, because those are fireable offenses, they have seriously impacted the running of the business.  It’s hard to imagine how one could become so personally engrossed, and to the exclusion of doing one’s duties which would include adhering to the precise rules of the company – no sexual fraternization with personnel.  A great shame – and so sorry to see it happen to “Andy’s Company.”

INTEL INTERESTS, Andy Grove, Apple and Google making more chips inhouse

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