FRENZIED DIMS, Washington, D.C.


In Washington, D.C. these days we are witnessing a state of frenzy that has never been present during previous times.  This severe state of frenzy is being demonstrated by the party that is currently out of power  – the party I’ll call the DIMs for the purpose of a short-hand way to refer to them.

As those of you know who read these posts regularly, I rarely delve into politics in the corporate posts, even though politics frequently effect our multinational clients.  But I’m writing this short post at this time to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – the DIMs need to find other ways to give voice to their views – whatever those might be – thus far, it seems that they’re simply still furious that their presidential candidate lost.  And, one can understand why that might be – with all the corruption currently being uncovered in the justice areas in Washington, DC, one can see that, had the other candidate won, that corruption would have remained swept under the rug and likely not ever have been known.  But now, after months and months of out-of-control grousing by the DIMs, they have reached a point where their frenzy is whipping up the off-balance individuals among us and propelling them into actions that are not only misguided but seriously dangerous.  One would have thought the DIMs would have accepted responsibility for the ballpark shooting of Congressmen in DC and pledged not to continue their fomenting of violence among the unbalanced.  But, instead they have doubled down.  Consequently, someone – or many – are going to get hurt as a result of the persistent frenzy being whipped up by the DIMs and their media consorts.  Therefore, it’s time for all of us to step up and say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  If the DIMs want fisticuffs, or worse, then they need to engage in them amongst themselves, where THEY run the risks, rather than throwing those risks out to the innocents in the country – innocents who could be seriously injured by the results of their rants and rabble rousing.

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