To observe the drive-through lines and customer interest in the local McDonald’s enterprises, one would have no idea at all that the company is facing stiff competition in the fast food marketplace and, as a result, has determined that a trimming of management staff is in order as a response to that change management challenge.

USA President of McDonald’s, Chris Kermpczinski, has indicated to the company’s employees that, although “change is difficult and eliminating layers within our organization means [that] some employees will ultimately exit our system” the company is planning on restructuring regional offices around the country.  This move is not an unusual response to change management circumstances.  It is generally prompted by the typical, unchecked growth of management personnel who do not occupy front-line positions at the stores, themselves, but, instead, sit back in regional offices and shuffle paperwork, with the occasional visit onsite to the stores.  These are the kind of managers that could be replaced by robots – and perhaps that will happen at McDonald’s.  But, at least, the thinning of their ranks will go unnoticed to the overall functioning of the company, except in the bottom-line.

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