Mother's Day,

Mother’s Day, in my frame of reference, means remembrance and thankfulness.  Remembrance of my wonderful Grandmother and Mother, who stood for all the right things and insisted that I do so as well, while loving me unreservedly.

And, remembrance of other Mothers through the centuries who have performed the same role.  And, thankfulness for my friends and associates who are Mothers, and for my lovely daughter, and, of course, for our canine companions both in the present and of the past – I wouldn’t be the rightful author of SUNDAY ON THE HILL: LEADERSHIP LESSONS LEARNED FROM OUR CANINE COMPANIONS should I not express appreciation for the loyalty and steadfastness of the dogs of our lives.  Mother’s Day is that nice mixture of remembering those who have been special and who have passed as well as celebrating those of one’s present and future.  Here’s to a country that celebrates its Mothers and recognizes those who serve in roles known to be the backbone of our society.  And here’s to the next celebration of parenthood – Father’s Day.  May this country always remember the importance of its population of citizens – and of the Mothers and Fathers that make a population possible.

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