THE RISING SEAS, Fred Singer & Al Gore

AL GORE, rising seas, Fred Singer

What, one might ask do the rising seas have to do with a business writer?  Well, I have been fascinated by the topic since last year when Al Gore declared that the seas were rising so much that there were fish swimming on the streets in downtown Miami.

Since no one stepped forward to verify that claim – I’m assuming that hesitation was caused by the fact that they were laughing themselves silly – then one has to assume that, no, the seas haven’t claimed Miami yet.  But according to Fred Singer, Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science at University of Virginia, the seas are rising, but it has nothing to do with so-called “Climate Change” and the numbers aren’t nearly as alarming as AlGore’s.  Professor Singer assessed sea-level trends from 1915-45, explaining that that was,”When a genuine, independently-confirmed warming of approximately 0.5 degree Celsius occurred.  I note particularly that sea-level rise is not affected by the warming; it continues at the same rate, 1.8 millimeters a year, according to a 1990 review by Turpin and Wahr.  I therefore conclude – contrary to the ‘general wisdom’ (quotes supplied by this writer) that the temperature of sea water has no direct effect on sea-level rise.  That means neither does the atmospheric content of carbon dioxide.” (Emphasis supplied by this writer.)

I’ll leave it to the reader to discover why the seas are currently rising, and why they will continue to do so by about another 6 inches until 2100.  A hint:  It has nothing to do with ocean temperature nor CO2.

Ref. Fred Singer, “The Sea Is Rising, but Not Because of Climate Change,”  WSJ, May 16, 2018.  For a view of Dr. Singer’s article, see the Articles section of this Website.

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