spangler candy company Spangler Candy Company, SO SWEET FOR NECCOS

Spangler Candy Company, SO SWEET FOR NECCOS On April 16, I posted an alert that if one was a fan of Necco wafers (a pre-Civil War confection) that that candy was in jeopardy, as the company who makes them (the New England Confectionary Company, a 171-year old candy maker) was likely to undergo bankruptcy.

The good news, for now, is  that Spangler Candy Company made a winning bid of $18.83 million at a federal bankruptcy auction in Boston last Wednesday.  A Spangler spokesman indicates that the company has no long-term plans for the Necco plant and that, for now, it will continue to operate – “probably into the next several months.”  That’s good, albeit short-term, news for the people of Revere, Massachusetts who faced the prospects of the plant’s closing and the laying off of hundreds of workers.  And, good news for those of you who are fans of Necco wafers.  I’d suggest that Necco’s fans let the Spangler company know how happy you are about their purchase, and lobby for the continuing production of Necco wafers – a true slice of Americana.

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