Cycling’s Armstrong Coasts To A Finish

Cyclist Lance Armstrong has agreed to pay $5 million as settlement in the government’s lawsuit, set to go to court next month, that alleged Armstrong defrauded USPS by accepting millions in sponsorship money while engaging in the doping that led to his multiple Tour de France wins.  Full-scale legal proceedings were projected to cost Armstrong $100 million.  The circumstances of Armstrong’s past behavior are indeed regrettable – it’s always disheartening to see gifted athletes fall prey to such temptations. However, this agreement sounds like a win, of sorts, for him after all.

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  1. Tough competition, makes these competitors use extreme tactics. They all do it at this level, if they don’t they are left behind which tells me that sponsors, managers, owners, fans, all know who is juicing. If they aren’t then they are in the back of the pack, and who roots/supports/pays for mediocre these days.

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