Venturing Into The Midwest

I’ve frequently attended venture capitalists’ sessions of the San Diego Venture Club.  Those events are fairly pro forma – people expect this sort of thing to happen in San Diego, an entrepreneurial city.  However, far more rare is an event like the recent bus tour of venture capitalists from Silicon Valley and New York through the midwest, stopping at cities that need a comeback.  Organized by an Ohio congressman, the 3-day event included visits to Detroit, Cleveland, and Youngstown as well as Akron, Flint, South Bend, IN.  The focus of the tour was on cities that had fallen on hard times with the decline of U.S. manufacturing.  One tour participant expressed interest in extending the tech reach beyond Silicon Valley.  The event was a concomitant activity of a possible future national political campaign.  The basic idea, however, should generate interest among venturers in Silicon Valley and elsewhere.  Although the Trump economy should work wonders in getting these cities back to a good functioning capacity, we’ll also be on the lookout for any real accomplishments as a result of this and similar venture efforts.

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