The recent trade tariff discussion has a variety of people lamenting that the U.S. is exposing itself to trade wars and a variety of other gloom and doom scenarios.  But far more fascinating than the “threat” of the U.S. “exposure” has been the self-outing exposure of politicians and commentators who have clearly been bought-and-paid-for by the globalists/multinational interests.  The intriguing aspect is that, in their rush to try to convince the President to cease and desist, they haven’t realized that they have publicly outed themselves about who actually “owns” them in the political arena.  Generally, politicians are clever enough to obscure who owns them – this has been the first instance that I’ve observed where, in their panic to get the tariff effort shut down, they have been blinded to the fact that they were making public their true affiliations – (generally they like to claim that they’re for “the little people” or some such drivel as: “All in for Main Street.”)  Now we all have a clearer picture of the true nature of their affiliations, including those of the WSJ.

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