March, Keeping focus on employees

In February’s Lead-Zine we talked about the need for CEOs to make a good effort at putting employees first in order to create a valuing culture and valued and valuing employees. And we promised to provide good examples of valuing in a subsequent Lead-Zine. The efforts of Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich is one of those good examples. Two years ago he was in the process of restructuring the chipmaker by, among other things, eliminating 11% of its workforce. This kind of action traditionally has a deleterious effect on the remaining employees, often causing the better employees to leave, as well. To counter this effect, Krzanich initiated a retention initiative, WarmLine, to encourage employees to reach out for a variety of problem-solving assistance. In addition to being a data collection operation, the effort has proven hugely successful in offering reasonable solutions to problems, therein fostering greater retention of needed employees – as Krzanich says: “There’s a limited number of people who can do many of these technologies.” The online real estate marketplace, Zillow, has also focused on serious efforts at retention of top performers, creating their “individual mobility” team. Recently, one of their stars decided to use a paid sabbatical from the company to leave and pursue other employment. The company’s response was to maintain contact, and within two months the employee had returned in a new role. CEO Rascoff says, “It’s much more economical to just keep people motivated and engaged over a long period of time rather than churning and burning people.” Keeping focus on employees is a primary role of the CEO and the company’s leadership team. There’s often scrutiny of the jobs that employees are doing in the company; but far less focus on the job that the company is doing to create a valuing environment. Valuing environments foster valuing employees and valuing employees represent their company well and promote its efforts. That’s how goals get achieved. Try it; I think you’ll like the results.

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