JANUARY, A New Year and New Goals

For the past three months, we’ve been working with our corporate clients to settle on their goals for the new year. These goals are always related to goals of the past, particularly those of the past year, but are also developed based on a new view of the world, a new view of the current competitive environment, and a new view of the company and its needs. Setting goals is not a simple matter. It requires a dedicated amount of time for the leadership team to talk with each other and with the BOD, and then to move that discussion through the company’s management and employee levels in order to acquire the best thinking of all involved. Political and operational realities need to be looked at with objectivity and enthusiasm. And faddish trends need to be rejected in favor of those actions that work best for the company. All of this requires great courage. It takes courage to devote the time to uncover all realities, and courage to look at these realities seriously. And it takes courage to move against the tide in favor of actions that work best for the company. The New Year 2018 is definitely a time for the courage of opportunity. Courage exhibited by the CEO and leadership staff during 2018 will be the deciding factor in the company’s year-end success. Here’s to a Happy, Courageous and Prosperous New Year!

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Dr.Billie Blair


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