Professor Peter Drucker, my mentor during doctoral work, consistently admonished his Fortune 100 clients to put their employees first – treat them well, pay them fairly, and engage them in the determination and pursuit of the company’s goals. At Change Strategists, Inc., we have followed that excellent advice and passed it along to our multinational clients. For several decades, however, many companies have focused their efforts on slashing jobs, cutting benefits and putting shareholders before employees – demonstrated in a recent Forbes article. Eight years ago, I wrote the book, “Value Plus: Employees as Valuers” in which I encouraged our CEO clients and other managers to place the focus on their employees in order to help them become valued members of their organization and, consequently, valuers of the company. The recent Forbes article identified the top 100 companies in the nation, finding that these companies pay and treat their employees well and thus outperform others. This set of values is so intuitively obvious that I’m regularly surprised at how relatively few companies follow the precepts of valuing employees and putting them first. Employees are, after all, frequently the face and voice of the company. During the next few months, we’ll be following up with some excellent examples of how good companies make this concept work well. Respond to this newsletter at info@changestrategists.com or to follow-on remarks in The Forum on the Change Strategists’ FORUMS

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