For the first time in its history the Coca-Cola Co. is introducing a fizzy alcoholic drink to its Japan market.  U.S.-based soft beverage companies have been struggling in recent years, with the consuming U.S. public increasingly convinced to drink bottled water rather than soft drinks.  Jorge Garduno who heads Coca-Cola’s Japan unit has said the company will experiment with a canned drink that contains alcohol, which is a traditional product known as chu-hai in Japan.  The Japanese alcoholic drinks generally contain distilled grain-based alcohol and flavored carbonated water, with flavors such as strawberry, ice tea and cream soda.  An interesting marketing concept for Coca-Cola to pursue.  Even though certain U.S. cities have determined that they should attack the consumption of soft drinks in recent years by levying additional taxes on these products, at least for now Americans still remain relatively unfettered in their consumption of alcohol.  Another new product/marketing approach that we’ll place on the “watch list.”

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