Most CEOs struggle with All The Moving Parts of their company’s operation, as we’ve discussed in the book All The Moving Parts: Organizational Change Management.  Kevin Plank, the Under Armour CEO, is Chief Executive of an additional company, his private investment firm Plank Industries.  This fact has prompted investors to question how a CEO can juggle two companies particularly in light of the fact that Under Armour laid off nearly 300 people in 2017 and had a stock price decline of 45%.  Plank has recently contended that “My job is running Under Armour, period.”  Plank Industries is run from the same floor of the building that houses the Under Armour executive suite. In June, 2017 Plank hired Patrick Frisk to help him run Under Armour.  It appears that 2018 is the year when Plank will need to get his priorities fully straight regarding his two companies.

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