We’ve discussed the challenges currently facing Whole Foods in the new book, SUNDAY ON THE HILL. Long the bastion of farm-table produce and other fresh products, the company has been encountering difficulties in sourcing these products in a timely manner and with the consistency needed for its large enterprise, particularly in the face of new competition in this market niche (SUNDAY ON THE HILL, p. 128). Thus, a new effort is being instituted to embrace “some of the best ideas of the traditional supermarket industry and integrate them into” the company. This will likely mean a more centralized distribution structure that does not rely wholly on small, local farm operations as suppliers. New investors in the company are also pressing for changes that allow the acquiring of the organizational practices used by national chains while remaining true to the Whole Foods mission of supplying high quality organic and natural products that appeal to the foodie crowd. These changes, combined, are expected to provide Whole Foods with the ability to strengthen its brand and recover the loss of market share experienced since 2013. It’s definitely an interesting organizational change management strategy – I look forward to discussing its success with you in future FORUM posts.

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